Unlock the Doors to Your Building’s Digital Data Twin with Convergit

The traditional building design and construction process requires stakeholders to maintain their own records and introduces the possibility of conflicting information. Levcon Analytics mitigates errors, prevents rework and saves time by providing project teams with our cloud-based data integration platform, Convergit, to serve as a single source of truth for all project information.

Convergit streamlines the design and construction process by enabling project teams to simultaneously access and interact with the data in a Revit model. The Convergit Revit add-in and web application empowers project teams to insert pertinent project data with a single click, manage building information in bulk, and review in real-time.

Insert Pertinent Project Data Into a Revit Model with a Single Click

Instantly push new shared project parameters into a Revit model by utilizing the CovergitRevit add-in or web application. A Revit license is not required when accessing the model via the web application.

Quickly Edit Data in a Bulk Manner From a Central Location

By extracting data from the design model and placing it on the cloud, it provides the ability to share information seamlessly from one entity to the next. Data is organized by Revit category type and can be easily edited in bulk.

Audit Your Data in Real Time to Ensure it is Complete and Correct

Project teams can create and edit audits to see where they are passing and failing the building owners requirements throughout the project.

Export Your Data at Any Stage

Using our Revit add-in, the design team can easily choose a region of the building and the desired parameters to export from the model at any stage of the project.

Smoothly Transfer Building Information to the Owners and Facilities Managers for Asset Management

Owners and facilities managers will receive accurate equipment data with the means to update as maintenance occurs.


Request a Consultation, Software Demo, Quote or Complimentary Revit Model Assessment

Get a complimentary Revit model assessment to ensure you are receiving a return on your investment into building information modeling (BIM). The resulting debrief and report will include:

  • Review of model compliance to owner standards
  • Evaluation of the information in the model
  • Presentation of the opportunity that data can provide a building owner