Generate Customizable Data Visualizations with Insights

Insights is a powerful cloud-based platform which generates customizable data visualizations from CSV files with unprecedented ease and speed, enabling informed decisions that drive success. Insights enables users to store and visualize data in a single, accessible source, fostering seamless collaboration with colleagues and reducing redundant data. Insights can be made accessible to entire organizations for no extra fee. In addition, clients can be invited to view dashboards and real-time information with a single click.

Explore Your Data Like Never Before

Insights allows you to delve into your data and generate stunning visualizations in mere seconds. Utilizing the power of the cloud, Insights enables you to store and visualize your data in a single, accessible source that is open to every member of your organization.

Seamless Collaboration

Gone are the days of complicated data sharing. Insights simplifies collaborating by letting you invite clients to your dashboard with a single click. Share your data visualizations effortlessly and empower your clients with real-time information that can help drive decisions.

Unleash the Analyst in Everyone

Levcon Analytics believes that data analysis should be a skill that every team member can wield effectively. Insights is designed with simplicity in minds, making data analysis accessible to all. You no longer need to be a data expert to unlock the power of your data.

Versatile Data Export

Whether it’s for a presentation or an important report, Insights offers the convenience of downloading your visualizations as SVG, PNG or CSV files for use in documents. Customize your data visualizations to fit your exact needs and have them at your fingertips whenever you need them.


Request a Consultation, Software Demo, Quote or Complimentary Revit Model Assessment

Get a complimentary Revit model assessment to ensure you are receiving a return on your investment into building information modeling (BIM). The resulting debrief and report will include:

  • Review of model compliance to owner standards
  • Evaluation of the information in the model
  • Presentation of the opportunity that data can provide a building owner