Identifying the Right Data for Long-Term Value

Overwhelmed or underwhelmed by your current project’s data? Levcon Analytics brings clarity to what data means specific to your system-wide construction needs or an individual project. At our very core, we consult to the “information” of building information modeling (BIM). Our process supports lean construction practices, BIM execution plans, integrated project delivery and many other progressive construction methods. 

We are helping our clients:

  • Translate owner project requirements into data so that planning phase decisions can be pushed into design and construction.
  • Leverage building information modeling to collect asset information from design and construction.
  • House project specific data on the cloud, establishing a digital thread from which allstakeholders can collaborate.
  • Develop strategic initiatives to drive an organization or project to be data-driven.
  • Aid in cross-discipline coordination to reduce change orders.
  • Examine opportunity zones to leverage project data.
  • Develop data specifications to outline the owner and projects requirements as well as assign responsibility to each stakeholder.
  • Support asset management and facilities operations by having the information needed on day one of space turnover.


Request a Consultation, Software Demo, Quote or Complimentary Revit Model Assessment

Get a complimentary Revit model assessment to ensure you are receiving a return on your investment into building information modeling (BIM). The resulting debrief and report will include:

  • Review of model compliance to owner standards
  • Evaluation of the information in the model
  • Presentation of the opportunity that data can provide a building owner