DaaD is the practice of identifying, leveraging, and auditing data to
drive planning, design, construction and operations.


Data Consulting

As a project or enterprise partner, we can further the implementation of data within your building design and construction workflow.


Our cloud-based data integration platform provides project teams with a Revit add-in and web application to create and leverage a single source of truth.


Insights enables users to store and visualize data in a single, accessible source, fostering seamless collaboration with colleagues and reducing redundant data.


 The Convergit™ data integration platform improves the building owner’s ability to manage asset information and streamlines the design and construction process by uniting project teams through the utilization of a single source of truth. Users are able to insert pertinent project data with a single click, manage building information from one location, and review in real-time.   


Insights is a powerful cloud-based platform which generates customizable data visualizations from CSV files with unprecedented ease and speed, enabling informed decisions that drive success.  



Request a Consultation, Software Demo, Quote or Complimentary Revit Model Assessment

Get a complimentary Revit model assessment to ensure you are receiving a return on your investment into building information modeling (BIM). The resulting debrief and report will include:

  • Review of model compliance to owner standards
  • Evaluation of the information in the model
  • Presentation of the opportunity that data can provide a building owner